The strongest organizations are comprised of like-minded people who share values and standards. It’s no surprise to find the focused leadership at VPRI following that formula.

The leadership of VPRI is comprised of unwavering  professionals who have earned the highest respect among clients, candidates, peers and competitors. A single conversation will lead you to the same conclusion; working with them will confirm it.

Gregg Y. Veller, President / CEO

Gregg Y. Veller founded this firm on the strong values bred into him from childhood. A goal-oriented, chronic over-achiever, Gregg is a competitive Type-A guy who’s decisive, assertive, and accustomed to success.

A man who thrives on accomplishments, Gregg has always been motivated to fill his life with achievements, for which he’s been continuously recognized. His boyhood achievements began as a B.S.A. Eagle Scout and God & Country recipient. From there he was a multi-sport competitive athlete and an All-American swimmer, carrying that energy into his early professional life.

Gregg’s performance in each of his early career positions earned him honor and accolades, including his qualifying for the Million Dollar Round Table in life insurance sales (top 1%-2% in the country) in his first year, and his ranking either the #1 or #2 salesman in the country for 8 consecutive years in medical sales.

A seasoned business and sales professional, Gregg has a proven track record, with more than 30 years’ distinguished service in the recruiting, financial services, and employer services industries. He has over 12 years’ experience as a recruiter and has been ranked as one of the top 100 Financial Recruiters in the nation. Prior to establishing his own firm, he worked with MRI and Robert Half International. As a professional recruiter that understands the business and the value of confidentiality, Gregg is a proactive, no-nonsense Finance and Accounting Recruiter, uncompromising in his principles and integrity.

Prior to recruiting, Gregg was an NASD registered Financial Planner with Series 7, 65, 63 and 31 securities licenses, and HS318 certification. He spent several years as a Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley, and then went on to become the top ranking Financial Planner in a tri-state region for American Express Financial Advisors. His prior experience ranges from District Manager with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) to Regional Sales & Marketing Director of the Midwest with a national tax management firm, and from VP Sales & Marketing with a regional PEO, to President of one of the 10 largest PEOs in the nation. Gregg is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and of Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Gregg knows what it takes to excel. He credits his values and dedicates his business to his honored role model, mentor and best friend… his late father—Colonel Robert H. Veller, USAF.


Nick L. Opperman, Vice President

Nick Opperman might be called the flip side of the Gregg Veller coin—sure and sharp, principled and precise. But in a lower key.

Growing up in a rural setting and intent on designing a different life, Nick honed his standards with the guidance of the US Navy, through 3 WestPac Tours. Even as a very young man, his “the buck stops here” attitude saw him accepting every responsibility with gravity and grace. That quality has set the tone for his professional and personal development.

Nick’s post-military career through the next decade took him through various manufacturing roles, progressing from Materials Manager through VP Operations and Director of Manufacturing. His thirst for more and bigger challenges secured his value to employers, but his love of family prompted him to leave while at the top of his game. Nick reinvented himself as a highly successful recruiter—the perfect role for a deeply principled, aggressive competitor who’s also an insightful judge of character.

Nick has spent the past 8½ years as a leading recruiter in manufacturing industries. He’s proven that a generalist can succeed in this field—when that generalist has the breadth of knowledge, leadership, personal skills and drive that Nick has perfected throughout his career. His work in diverse industries, including medical, automotive, consumer packaging, aerospace, and manufacturing has grown, in part, from Nick’s boredom by the limitations of specialization.

His foundational belief is that average effort never achieves above average results.